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About Peter Pallett

Accredited Expert Witness and Consultancy ( last updated May 2018 )

Peter Pallett is a recognised consultant specialising in the specific areas of temporary works covered by scaffolding, falsework and formwork. Self employed since 1991, his broad and practical experience can be of benefit to consultants, contractors and suppliers in providing independent impartial authoritative advice.
In 2010 he was a founder sponsor of the Temporary Works Forum (TWf). the recognised forum for temporary works in the United Kingdom.

Accredited Expert WitnessCUBS Certificate
Peter is a certified Expert Witness under the Cardiff University Law School/Bond Solon (CUBS) training course, the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. From July 2012 , all civil expert witnesses must demonstrate to instructing solicitors that they both comply with and have a full understanding of The Civil Procedure Rules, Practice Direction 35, the Protocol for the Instruction of Experts to Give Evidence in Civil Claims and the Practice Direction on pre-action conduct. Further, from April 2013 they must be aware of the Amendments to the Civil Procedures ( commonly known as the Jackson Reforms ) introduced to control the cost of litigation.
From May 2018, Peter maintains a Data protection policy that conforms with the GDPR regulations for holding business related information that is NOT used for marketing.

Peter's extensive course involved preparing and submitting two full expert witness reports, one day cross examination in court, a video-ed examination as an Expert Witness in court on a submitted relevant case, concluding with a Cardiff University examination based on the Civil Procedures.

Understandably, Peter is now regularly consulted as an expert witness in litigation involving temporary works; he has provided expert opinions and represented clients on matters related to temporary works in England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Gibraltar.

Expert WitnessIn January 1998 he was accepted by the Law Society for inclusion in their Directory of Expert Witnesses, and in May 1999 was accepted as a Single Joint Expert under the 1998 Woolf Report changes to the Civil Procedures. In August 2000 he was accepted as a registered expert witness in his fields with The Institution of Civil Engineers, until on 17th May 2018 when his Institution decided to discontinue holding a register! In December 2011 he entered the Expert Witness Directory.

Although regularly consulted on specific areas of complex technical temporary works problems, Peter does not provide a detailed temporary works design service.

Peter Pallett regrets, due to the financial limits of his professional indemnity insurance, he is unable to carry out checks and sign authorisation certificates (for example a Highways Agency Clause 8A check) for temporary works.

Technical Literature
Fellow ICEPeter has written technical brochures, video scripts and advised on content of both sales and technical aspects of temporary works for video, film and brochure material.
Peter is a Fellow of The Institution of Civil Engineers and was awarded the Telford Premium prize in 2006 for the best paper in Civil Engineering entitled "Falsework verticality: leaning towards danger?".

For your consultancy, or if you require an accredited expert witness in any aspect of temporary works, then contact "Pallett TemporaryWorks Limited":

  • e-mail: pallett@compuserve.com
  • telephone: (+44) 1543 253 853
  • facsimile: (+44) 1543 253 853 (UK office hours only)
Pallett TemporaryWorks Ltd

Peter Pallett holds the Engineering Council Professional Indemnity Scheme insurance for a limit of £100,000 retroactive from 24th May 1993.