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BeamPal 2

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BeamPal 2 Analysis Software

BeamPal 2 is AVAILABLE as a CORONATION YEAR 50% discount from Peter Pallett directly, see below!
(Although Pallett TemporaryWorks Ltd. ceased trading in January 2020, stock is currrently available. )

BeamPal is a simple to use computer analysis program developed for use in design of beams used in the temporary works of formwork, falsework and scaffolding. It suits both Permissible Stress and Limit State design methods. (It can, of course, be used for the analysis of loads on ANY continuous member.) To buy, either click on the Order Form below, or click on the link to UK and Overseas order form.

BeamPal 2 Order Form The updated Version 2 allows the user to put their own LOGO on the printed output, includes 49 pre-defined sections, considers self-weight as a separate load, suits both 'Limit State' and 'Permissible Stress' analysis, and has new navigation buttons on the toolbars to provide for quick, accurate operation of the program:

Manual CoverFor a flavour of BeamPal why not look at the Help File by clicking on the picture on the right.

It is a great credit to the programmer, the late Dick Horsington, that BeamPal, developed by Peter and Dick in 2002, and designed on original DOS computers upgraded to Windows XP, still operates succesfully on the latest Windows 11 computers!

Although full support for BeamPal ended in December 2019, BeamPal 2 currently remains available direct from Peter Pallett, as a memory stick for a while, but in CD-ROM format only until stocks run out!

e-mail: pallett@compuserve.com

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